Command Center

The Exquisite Air Charter Command Center Is Here To Ensure Your Total Satisfaction!


In our effort to always provide you with the highest level of satisfaction we have developed  a very service-oriented delivery platform.  We have implemented an hourly flight review policy with an extensive review at the beginning of and commencement of each and every day - seven days per week; 365 days per year!  Every aspect of your flight is checked and re-checked against extensive checklists to guarantee your total satisfaction!

Flight Review

This is the most essential process we have!  It has been put in place to ensure your charter flight is without compromise and leaves no room for flaws.  Our team is trained to identify anything that has potential to interrupt your flight plans and to respond accordingly.

24/7 Availability

There are times when unexpected things occur in our lives.  No matter how well we plan and no matter how far in advance we plan - there are going to be situations that arise.  The Exquisite Air Charter team of charter professionals are available and ready to assist you any time, any place and in any way we can!  YES!  Even in the most time-sensitive scenarios.

Flight Tracking

We track your flights from the time the crew arrives to prepare for your flight until you have deplaned and the crew has successfully accomplished their post-flight duties.  Not only do we keep in constant contact with your captain but we also track your flight using state of the art technology while you are in the air.  We will send emails or make phone calls to your assistant, ground transportation providers, family, friends, associates and anyone else who may need to be informed of your flight progress!