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Charter Flights To Europe - About Us


Exquisite Air Charter is the leading provider of charter flights to Europe.  Private Jet Charter is on the rise, as travelers become more and more frustrated with the inconvenience of traveling with the commercial carriers.  With the surge in travel to Europe on private jets, Exquisite Air Charter developed a team of specialists to assist you when you take a private jet to Europe.  We know how important it is for our customers to receive the highest quality of service, leaving nothing to chance, so we've developed a team of specialists to assist you with charter flights to Europe.

Charter flights to Europe have become a necessity for seasoned travelers who previously only flew private jets for domestic travel, as this mode of transportation allows for the personal service you deserve.  In addition to the luxury of flying private, the ability to land at airports which are not serviced by commercial carriers (and are likely closer to your final destination) is even more reason for you to charter a jet to Europe.  Our customers continually choose charter flights to Europe for safety and convenience.

Europe is a beautiful country and we don't just get you there.  Exquisite Air Charter will assist you with your needs from your first contact with us through your stay in Europe and all the way home.  We have comprised a team of European companies to use as resources to assure your complete satisfaction when you take an "EXQUISITE" private jet to Europe.

Exquisite Air Charter demands the highest service and quality for all of our customers on all of their jet charters; not just when going to Europe.  We maintain a high level of focus on your satisfaction, allowing you to visit different regions of the world with confidence.  Your worldwide destinations, for business or leisure, will be carried through with professionalism and courtesy.

Our customers always receive unparalleled service and the ultimate in luxury, convenience and safety.  Individuals, groups and families are able to charter private jets to Europe and worldwide with anonymity, safety and convenience.

Exquisite Air Charter makes your dream vacation possible with less hassle and more personalized service when you charter a jet to Europe.  We afford you the ability to skip the long security lines and the worry and hassle of handling your own luggage and, even worse, being charged to take a suitcase with you on your flight.

Exquisite Air Charter has access to more than 5,000 private jets and you can even choose the kind of jet you want to fly on.  When you work with Exquisite Air Charter to charter a jet to Europe, you have access to the best and most luxuries travel options on every charter flight.

We offer, no obligation, instant online quotes directly from our website where you can compare prices of charter flights to Europe at your convenience.  Our charter representatives are also available twenty-four hours per day to assist you if you prefer to speak with a live person.

We require all aircraft in our network work to exceed the FAA standards and we also impose additional standards created by Exquisite Air Charter professionals.

Exquisite Air Charter provides on demand service.  Our customers only pay for flights they choose.  Additionally, our concierge services will assist you with hotels, ground transportation and any other aspects of your travel when you charter a jet to Europe.  The process with us allows you to choose your aircraft, amenities, trip details and schedule.  We then streamline the process by sending a trip itinerary so that you have all your details in one place. Once the logistics of your charter flight to Europe are set, confirmed, and approved you can board your private jet to Europe with the peace of mind of knowing our exquisite team is available to you 24/7.